Benefits of Social Media for a business video statement

When speaking about social media within a business I have seen in the past few years how businesses have relied, more now than ever, on social media.  I believe businesses see that regular advertising just does not work anymore and that social media is the way to go.  There are many benefits for a business to use social media instead of traditional advertisement to get their name out to the public.  Of course just like anything there are some downfalls to this.  This could change when social media is used to make negative comments about a company.  The social media negativity can hinder a company and sales because of bad experiences from consumers.

I came across a few websites and videos that speak about these benefits and are listed below.


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    In the 12 Major Business Benefits of Social Media list posted from Jeff Bullas, I find that points these points are very important and can help to make or break a brand. The fifth point touches on the ability to “develop targeted marketing activities” is critical for all business and can be easily done with social media. Platforms like Facebook have access to details about their users like age, gender, and college level. These are criteria than can be used to develop more products that will help the brand. Facebook is filled with many marketing tools for example to “like” a product. When a product or brand is liked is shown on the users’ page for their friends to see. Another point is the “identification of positive and negative comments”, an example of this would be Yelp, a popular online website that allows businesses to be rated. I had a friend who is adamant about placing her reviews on restaurants, especially if her experience was negative. So me being a user will see her negative comments and will not go to the restaurants and will advise others not go as well. The first video confirms that negative comments or reviews of a business can lead to its demise. The video discuss that 93% of Americans have access to computers, so social media is more than a change it is revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

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    Lowes used YouTube videos to help expand the people’s needs and requests for help with home improvements. Check out this link for all the great information.

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    I think that it further proves that businesses need to be cognizent of what people are saying about their businesses. AS we have discussed in class, it is becoming increasingly important to consumers that fellow consumers agree with or “like” a product/company. As Rob True said even major networks are using social media but I wonder if the social mediacs are propelling the idea of social media and forcing us folks who like to be more private out of our shells? My thinking is social media is fantastic in the sense it brings awareness and consumers more control over where their dollars are spent.

    The videos served as great examples of the sharp increase of consumer participation and how secret shoppers are not so secret and could very well affect businesses, small and large.
    I agree with the way this argument was presented.From the business world to politics, social media is affecting how consumers communicate.

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    Lisa K. said,

    Chris, do you think that there are potential ways for a company to even use negative comments to their advantage?

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      Lisa, I beleive they can. Negative comments only make the company’s product or service just that much better when negative comments are made. When something is not right to a consumer and it is a legitimate complaint the company can make adjustments to their product or service from negative comments because it gives them a change to see why would such negative comments are being made.

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    smalonec84 said,

    I feel that businesses who choose not to engage in social media risk not being profitable, losing exposure, or not surviving. People do not rely on advertising to decide whether they would buy a product or not, they rely on the testimonials of their peers and friends.

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